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Cayman Islands Pirates Week Primary Schools Competition

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Cayman Islands Pirates Week Primary Schools Competition
17Nov 2020

Pirates Week is an annual tradition of fun, games, music, food and, you guessed it, Pirates!

Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter has teamed up with the Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival to bring you an extraordinary and educational experience like no other.

At Cayman Turtle Centre, we always encourage school children of the Cayman Islands to partake in our conservation efforts. There is a quote by Baba Dioum that states “In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught". Children are very much already interested and entertained by the wild environment, giving us a unique opportunity to provide them with teachable moments and habits that they can take into adulthood which will help benefit them with their future conservation efforts. It is important for children to be involved with conservation efforts, no matter their age so that they can gain a wider understanding of the environment around them and learn how to help protect and preserve the natural world in the years to come.

This year, we invited local Primary school classes to join in on our Pirates Week fun! We invited classes to submit a turtle name and a story or reason for that chosen name. This year, we received multiple entries from Primary school classes across Grand Cayman. The winning class was chosen using a random draw, allowing that class the opportunity to name and release their very own Green sea turtle into the wild.


Here are some examples of the school entries:

Island Montessori

Turtle Name:  Shelly the Island Turtle

“The children chose the name because they have been learning about Columbus and ‘Las Tortugas’ being the original name of our islands and the shell that is on the turtles back. That and the name links with their school name as well as our beautiful islands!”

Sir John A. Cumber – Year 4

Turtle Name:  Miss/Mr. Cayman

“What is it to be so beautiful and brilliant that the entire country marvels at you? This is Miss or Mr. Cayman. This class feels that our majestic turtles should have a title fitting of their qualities. They are smart and their majestic beauty beams from them in every way. They are graceful and just as a well-trained, poised superstar would grace the stage, our turtles gracefully glide through our emerald waters, blessing our reefs and oceans with their beauty. Their intelligence is unmatched as they navigate the oceans of the word, yet still return to our beautiful beaches because home, is home and our shores can never be forgotten. They trust us to release them into the world to show off who we are and what we are about; resilience, life, love and joy. So, no name fits better than Miss/Mr. Cayman, because they represent exactly who we are.”

Footsteps – Waves (class name)

Turtle Name: Seababy

“The turtle was named Seababy because of a short story written by the class that describes the lifecycle of a turtle, from the moments of when they hatch on the beach, to their first time in the water, and up until they return to the beach to lay its eggs.”

Footsteps – Ripples (class name)

Turtle Name:  Coral

“The children from Ripples class have a class turtle (a soft toy) that they have chosen to name Coral during a class vote. They have been learning about the ocean and the coral reefs around The Cayman Islands and so they wanted to choose a related name. Every week the children work really hard in school and each week one child, that has shown exceptional effort, is chosen to take Coral home on a new adventure.

The children fill Coral’s Adventure Diary with photos, pictures and stories about her adventures that they then bring back to share with the rest of the class. It is a highlight of every week for the children.

The class would absolutely love to release a ‘real’ Coral into the Ocean and to imagine the amazing adventures that she might be going on.

Footsteps school is a nature-based school, and the children spend a lot of time learning about the natural world and how they can help to protect it. Their current topic for this half term is ‘Under the Sea’ and the children are thoroughly enjoying it.”


And the winner is…

Join us to congratulate Island Montessori, as they have been selected as the winners and will have the amazing opportunity of joining us in person at our Annual Pirates Week Turtle Release on Friday 20th November.

Please note that this release will not be open for the public to attend in person. Only the class invited, and staff will be able to attend. However, this release will be virtual so that means everyone at home can join in on the action as well!

This release will be streamed live via our ‘Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter’ Facebook page, as well as the Facebook pages of ‘Cayman Islands Pirates Week Festival’ and Cayman Compass if you would like to watch the event virtually at 10:00 am on Friday, November 20th, 2020.