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Students participated in Essay and Poster competition to earn an opportunity to escort turtles in a turtle release

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Students participated in Essay and Poster competition to earn an opportunity to escort turtles in a turtle release
21Nov 2019

Recently, as part of the traditional Pirates Week Turtle Release, Cayman Turtle Centre organised an essay competition for high school-age children coupled with a poster competition for primary school-age children. Both competitions required original essays or posters with the title, "The Green Sea Turtle, Our National Treasure." The two winners from each of the categories named and escorted their own turtle down to the water's edge, where it started a new life beneath the waves, at Governors Beach. The Annual Pirates Week release was on November 10, 2019, where twenty turtles released in the wild.
Congratulations to Enzo Subiotto from Year 7, Class HP in Cayman Prep and High School, for completing one of the winning essays in the competition. Enzo made some excellent points. "We need to help bring back the population of sea turtles in the Cayman Islands as they were in the 1500s," he wrote.
Congratulations also to Sasha Parchman from Layman E. Scott High School in Cayman Brac. Her essay made some very important points about why the Green Sea Turtle is such a treasure. She included the turtle's vital role as a keystone species, as it eats the filamentous algae known as Turtle Grass, keeping it a healthy home for many other sea creatures. She called her turtle "Neptune." Cayman Airways supported the Turtle Release by providing Sasha with round trip air to make it to the event on November 10th, 2019, in Grand Cayman.

Poster by Adriana Bowerman

Congratulations to Adriana Bowerman of Cayman Prep School, one of the two winners of the Primary School Poster Competition. It was beautifully coloured-in and had lots of interesting facts and information in it, warning people against discarding plastic objects because turtles might mistake them for jellyfish.
Congratulations also to Lucie and Michael Santangeli, both students from Cayman International School, also won the Cayman Turtle Centre's Primary School Poster Competition, and named their released turtle "Lester." They put together a wonderful poster in mixed media, showing three beautiful turtles, a sign saying "Plastic Free Cayman," and some lovely turtle grass too.