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Welcome to our Butterfly House

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Welcome to our Butterfly House
26Jan 2021

Are you looking for a unique experience you cannot find anywhere else on the island? Look no further than right here at Cayman Turtle Centre where you will find much more than just turtles. Our exhibits and experiences include our Caribbean Free Flight Aviary, Predator Reef, Smiley’s Croc Cove, and one of our newest editions, the Butterfly House.

The Butterfly House at Cayman Turtle Centre is the only place on island where you can readily view and learn about our local butterflies in their natural habitat. We recently upgraded our previous “butterfly garden” by adding more appropriate plants, based on advice from experts at Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and other sources, along with screening in the garden to create an enclosed butterfly habitat.

We have added a number of native butterflies to our garden. Species like the Fritillaries (medium orange butterflies), the Cuban Red Butterfly and the Queen Butterfly, who earned its name due to a fine gold ring around the top of their chrysalis’ that resembles a gold crown. We not only have the butterflies but if you look closely you may see caterpillars as well!

Search under the leaves of the many plants and flowers and you might catch of glimpse of some recently laid eggs or even a cocoon that a butterfly may emerge from someday.

Our animal experts in the Caribbean Aviary are available to answer any questions that you may have about these beautiful creatures. We are always looking for feedback and thinking of ways to constantly improve our exhibits.

So, come on down and explore everything we have to offer. Stroll through the habitat or just sit and take in the relaxing atmosphere and view these “flying jewels” firsthand!