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COVID-19 Update
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What To Know Before You Go

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What To Know Before You Go
30Jun 2022

Because the safety of our guests and crew members is always a top priority, we currently have several measures in place to protect against COVID-19. Enhanced safety protocols include all of our crew members wearing face masks (indoors and out) for protection and we recommend observing social distancing, particularly in indoor areas. All guests are asked to continue frequently making use of the many hand sanitizing and handwashing stations we have installed throughout the Centre. 

Here are a few things to know before you visit us:
  • Masks: Are no longer mandated for our customers. Crew Members are required to wear face masks at all times, indoors and out.
  • Hand Washing & Sanitising: We have enhanced cleaning protocols throughout the Centre, including the use of electrostatic sanitisation and an increased number of hand sanitising stations. You will find sanitiser and hand washing stations in key areas throughout the Centre.
  • Social Distancing: We recommend social distancing between yourself and anyone not from your immediate household when possible.
  • Lateral Flow Testing: All of our crew members are tested twice per week and before key events.
  • Preferred Payments: During this time, our preferred payment method is credit or debit cards. Cash is still accepted. Tickets can also be booked online in advance.
  • COVID-19 Refund Policy: If you are experiencing symptoms, are under mandatory isolation, are suspected of having COVID-19, or have tested positive, we would be happy to refund any tickets purchased in advance of your visit to the Centre. Refunds will be issued within 72 hours of us approving your request. To apply for a refund, please contact with your booking information and details of your refund request.