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Support for wildlife casualties from Hurricane Grace

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Support for wildlife casualties from Hurricane Grace
20Aug 2021

Following the passage of Hurricane Grace, the public may be aware that Cayman’s native wildlife has been affected as much as our human residents. Much of the island’s wildlife habitats have been damaged and there are several reports from the public regarding wildlife injures and displacements coming in to Cayman Turtle Centre (CTCEC) and the Cayman Islands Government Department of Environment (DoE).

CTCEC would like the public to be aware that as much as we would like to help, Cayman Turtle Centre is not primarily an animal rescue facility. We do not have the resources or manpower to accept care of all reported injured animals or abandoned babies. Also very importantly, for biosecurity reasons and the health of the animals under our care, any wild animals coming from the outside first require approval of the park veterinarians before they can be accepted past our gates.

Although we cannot take in any animals, our Vets and Terrestrial department are always happy to share our expertise and offer animal care advice to any concerned member of the public. Please note that this offer refers only to native wildlife issues - not a lost parakeet or injured cat!

Any reports or matters concerning wildlife should first be directed to the Department of Environment at 949-8694 / or 916-4271/ 5849 (DoE Conservation/ Enforcement). All reports will be assessed by DoE and if necessary CTCEC will be contacted for consultation or technical assistance.

NB: To maintain biosecurity and protect the health of the animals under our care, Cayman Turtle Centre will advise but will not accept or consider taking in any animals brought in from the outside other than in consultation with the Department of Environment. Each such circumstance will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.