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Nature & Cultural Exhibitions

Blue Hole Nature Trail

Stroll through the Nature Trial where our national tree the Silver Thatch Palm abounds, including one specimen that has resided for over 300 years! If it’s the right time of year you might even catch a glimpse of our elusive national flower the Wild Banana Orchid. Explore even further for some bird-watching and a chance to visit the Mahogany Grove, the fascinating Blue Hole, and other hidden treasures in the woods!

Cayman Street

Take a walk through the ambience of days gone by on Cayman Street – a gravel pathway showcasing the architecture of old traditional island homes, with sand gardens, thatch relics and conch shells.

Education Centre

To learn more about the history of the Farm and other neat facts about the turtles that reside here head to the Education Centre.  The Education Centre also houses the Turtle Hatchery where from May to October you will have the chance to witness hatchling turtles breaking free from their shells and making the voyage up through the sand in their journey to the water.