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Turtle Centre Exploration Tour  (Turtle Centre Only)


This tour gives visitors access to:

The Green’s Breeding Pond - The Breeding Pond is home to our green sea turtles who have matured and are at the age to start reproducing; which is usually at about 16 years of age.  Green Sea turtles are the largest of the sea turtles and here you will find a few weighing in at more than 500 pounds!

Turtle Touch Tanks - Here you will find yearling turtles swimming and playing. Reach in to touch or pick one up for a photo of a lifetime!

Smiley’s Saltwater Lagoon - Smiley is a 9 foot saltwater crocodile trained to jump and put on a show!

Turtle Wading Touch Pool - Here you will find yearling turtles swimming and playing. You can get in the Touch Tank Wading Pools for an even closer encounter with our yearlings!

The Education Centre & Hatchery - Visit the education centre and learn more about the turtles. You can also view our turtle hatchery where during breeding season (May – October) you can witness new hatchlings making their way up through the sand of their incubation boxes!

Schooner’s Bar and Grill - Schooner's is an outside bar and grill where diners can relax on a covered deck overlooking Turtle Lagoon. The menu boasts a range of Caribbean and international items to tease and please every palete.  Enjoy a tropical drink or ask for the island’s very own beer - Caybrew.

Splash Gift Shop - The gift shop has something for everyone, so don't forget to get a souvenir before you leave.


Turtle Adventure Tour (Entire Park)


The Adventure includes all of the Exploration features as well as:

Turtle Lagoon - Swim in the lagoon with Green Sea Turtles and enjoy this wonderful experience. There are also little islands where peacocks live.

Predator Reef - Watch sharks and other predators through the underwater or dry view panels. Don't miss out on feeding time!

Caribbean Free Flight Aviary - Caribbean birds, including the Cayman Parrot fly freely in this large aviary.

Breaker’s Lagoon - This is the largest swimming pool on Cayman with two waterfalls and an underwater view of the predator tank.

Turtle Twister Waterslide - This slide at the Breaker's Lagoon is the only one on Cayman and features two loops and over 600 gallons of rushing water per minute.

Blue Hole Nature Trail - Stroll along this trail and view the beautiful nature that Cayman has to offer, iincluding the national flower and even butterflies.

Cayman Street -  Walk down this gravel street to view old Cayman architecture, featuring sand gardens and conch shells

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