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4-3 win for CTC soccer team at the Ed Bush Stadium

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4-3 win for CTC soccer team at the Ed Bush Stadium
02Oct 2017

So far this season Cayman Turtle Centre’s soccer team has done very well in the Cayman Islands Government League (playing against soccer teams from other government organizations). The team’s Coach Erin Miller who is CTC’s Chief Lifeguard, was especially pleased with the team’s recent 4-3 win against the Police, which was one of the most challenging games so far.

“So far this season we’ve had five wins in total, and one draw,” he said. “During the match against the Police team, we managed to put the first ball in the back of the net in the first seven minutes, and before half time we scored the second goal,” he said.  Soon, the Police side were fighting back hard, but before many minutes had pass in the second half the Turtle Centre had scored another goal, bringing the score to 3-1. But for a while it looked as if the Police might turn the tables on the Turtle Centre, scoring another two goals just before the Turtle Centre scored the decisive goal around the last fifteen minutes of the game, bringing the final score to 4-3.

“It was a very solid performance by our team. Everybody hustled and played together.  My overall view of the game is that it was very competitive but we did a great job.”

Team Member Craig Tennyson was also pleased with the team’s performance during such a hard match: It was really tough because they were keeping up with us and when we scored one goal they scored another goal, so it was really competitive because they kept scoring as we were scoring too. We had to toughen up the defense to keep on top. It’s been one of the best seasons for us right now – this year – we are one of the top teams right now. ….we are looking to see if we can take the trophy with us because we’ve been undefeated.