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A hundred new fish for the snorkeling lagoon!

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A hundred new fish for the snorkeling lagoon!
13Jun 2017

CTC’s Lead Aquarist, Adam Jackson, has been hard at work, stocking the Snorkelling Lagoon with all manner of brightly coloured fish. The fishes will help to make the snorkelers’ experience of swimming with the turtles – often the highlight of a visit – even more enjoyable. At first the fish which have been caught in the Caribbean Sea are brought into ‘quarantine’ for a month, to make sure they do not harbour any fish diseases or parasites, and only introduced into the lagoon when they have a clear bill of health. “The new fish that went out from quarantine into the lagoon – I’m aiming to restock the grunt population right now - most of them were different species of grunt. There are White Grunt, Blue Striped grunt, French Grunt; the other fish were Mutton Snapper, Lane Snapper and Schoolmaster Snapper and a few Jack, and a few Yellowtail Snapper too,” he said.