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A Relaxing Break from Parliment...

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A Relaxing Break from Parliment...
21Jun 2018

A large group of delegates from the 43rd Regional Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association recently visited CTC. The visitors, all associated with working for government in the region, were out on one of several sight-seeing excursions which took place over the week-long conference.

The Conference theme, “Building Small Developing States,” covered a wide range of topics including de-globalization, climate change, population growth and security. At the Turtle Centre the delegates enjoyed a locally infused lunch at Schooners Bar & Grill, and toured the park while getting to know each other a little better.

Addressing the visitors from the Conference, Managing Director of the Turtle Centre, Tim Adam, said: “We would like to say a hearty welcome to all the CPA delegates. This is the only Sea Turtle Centre in the world that is breeding raising and even releasing sea turtles into the wild. A recent study has proven that a minimum of half the nesting Green Sea Turtle population around our islands started right here in our captive breeding program.”

Kenneth Bryan, Elected Member for George Town, was pleased to join the delegates on their excursion:   “Having regional members standing together and having dialogue about any topic is always a positive, because you get to see what other people’s views are, compare them with your own, and see if people have different strategies and ideas,” he said.  “Two minds are better than one, so the more often that we have open dialogue with our neighbouring partners that is always a benefit, whether it’s immediate or long term.”

Lauren Lawrence who was enjoying the sightseeing visit, said: “I come from the beautiful Islands of St. Kitts and Nevis.  “This is the first time I have ever seen turtles up close, and it’s amazing to see them, and it’s really nice, actually.  I am just enjoying the island, while I can.”

Kevin Murphy, who is Speaker of the House of Assembly in Nova Scotia, said he was enjoying the conference very much and also enjoying his visit to Cayman Turtle Centre, and Don Saunders Member Of Parliament and Deputy Speaker in the House of Assembly in the Bahamas also said he was enjoying the conference. “I think we are discussing some very timely issues, from security to de- globalization to education, and the small states in the Caribbean so it’s been quite interesting and there are some good speakers from around the world. We haven’t got turtles in the Bahamas so I have never really been to a sanctuary like this.”