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A very special place – for a very special question

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A very special place – for a very special question
12Dec 2016

Ever since she can remember, Courtney Dudley has loved turtles. So what better place, than the Turtle Lagoon, at Cayman Turtle Centre, to hear a proposal of marriage from her boyfriend, Jarrod Birschbach?

“We’re from Wisconsin in the US and we decided to spend the day with turtles I’ve always loved turtles ever since I was little they’ve always been my favorite,” Courtney said. “We took the trip here specifically to come to the Cayman Islands so that we could spend some time with the turtles and to swim with them and play with them because it’s something that I love so very much.

“We just finished a lovely snorkel through the lagoon with the turtles and as we came out, my lovely fiancé (now) here beside me asked me to marry him,” she said as the couple celebrated their engagement by drinking champagne together on the Turtle Lagoon beach.  

“It’s been wonderful,” Jarred said.  “I would just like to say thanks to India, because she helped a ton on this, emailing back and forth, and making this whole event happen. So I am really glad to have her on my side and that she was able to help me when I wasn’t around.”

The couple were given a tour of the Turtle Centre, and began by seeing the huge turtles in the Breeding Pond, before being escorted to see Smiley the crocodile. And of course, what better for someone with a lifetime love of turtles to be able to hold the turtles in their hand, before seeing all the other things that Cayman Turtle Centre has to offer, including the sharks and barracudas at Predator Reef, and the beautiful birds of the Caribbean Aviary before going snorkeling with turtles at Turtle Lagoon.