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Agriculture Society's 50th Show

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Agriculture Society's 50th Show
31Mar 2017

The Cayman Islands Agricultural Society celebrated their 50th show at the Stacy Watler Pavillion, Lower Valley, in style on Ash Wednesday. There were cows, goats, rabbits, horses, chickens ….and that was just the animals. Where to begin with all the fruits and vegetables? “I have fruits and vegetables and tomatoes, cucumbers and callaloo, watermelons, oranges. We have ginger, we have yam, sweet potato, pumpkins, plantains we have breadfruit and hot peppers and pumpkin,” stall holder, Dorothy Wedderburn said. As always, there were plenty of young fruit trees and other plants. There are always some lovely crafts on display. A table full of dolls in the most exquisite costumes particularly caught my eye. There were artists, too. Healthy Alternatives is a company run by Dominique Rochester that focusses on products made from locally-grown, natural ingredients: “We do local organic products made from scratch, we do coconut oil, we do body scrubs charcoal face masks. We have a lot of natural tea powders, coconut candies and fresh Cayman local bread. I get the coconuts from North Side, from my uncle’s plantation, and I also get them from another family friend in West Bay. Coconut oil is good for you because it’s good for lowering your cholesterol and its good for Alzheimer’s and its good for getting into your system and protecting yourself from diseases,” she said. This year, as was the case last year, there is a lovely little ‘petting zoo’ area where young children can get to see a donkey and a Shetland pony. There were all kinds of local cooked foods, too. I heard that the Lobster and Conch were particularly good this year.