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Aquatic Life Support System Operators Symposium

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Aquatic Life Support System Operators Symposium
28Apr 2017

Between the 12 and the 17th March, three members of the Cayman Turtle Centre, Adam Jackson, Lead Aquarist, Jerris Miller, Husbandry Manager, and Lincoln Bodden, Operations Supervisor M.E.P Department, attended the Aquatic Life Support System Operators Symposium which was held in St Louis, Missouri and run by the St. Louis Zoo. “A symposium is basically a bunch of workshops where you get to do hands-on training and you’re learning about the different types of equipment and animal life support and get to know a little bit about new systems that have come online. It opens your eyes to a very broad spectrum of how big this Aquarium industry is and it allows you to get certified in various areas that you work in,” said Mr. Jackson. “I did the Life Support System Technician up to Level One, and passed that, and I also did the Water Quality Technician and passed that as well. It was also like a trade show and there were vendors set up to display different products on offer – you could see new things that they are coming out with and see if you could revamp or modernize our facilities by ordering products from these guys. It was really nice. We met a lot of vendors that have helped us set up equipment in the past – we did tours of the zoo and we did behind – the scenes tours – we looked at all of the life support systems and basically getting a good general knowledge of the whole of the Aquarium Life support industry in the US.” Mr. Miller said: “I got to meet all the industry leaders and see the aquatic animal life support systems I was able to bring back some immediate information that we need here, now. I got an opportunity to do the Level One (certificate) for the Aquatic Life Support System operators. It was a very good chance to make contacts, and network in the industry. We had a couple of visits to the St. Louis Zoo, and the thing that I thought was: of all of those systems there, ours are gigantic compared with them. The ones in the Zoo have not been half that size or even a quarter that size. Our pumps are really pumped up, so I came back more impressed with the turtle centre and the equipment that we have.”