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Assistant Aquarist joins CTC crew

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Assistant Aquarist joins CTC crew
23May 2017

Simon Watson has made a transition – from lifeguard to Assistant Aquarist: “I started at the Turtle Centre on February 24th as a lifeguard and one month later I applied for and was successful for another position as an Aquarist Assistant. That actually I think is a more educational and more challenging position which is really what interested me,” he said. “The job involves two different categories combined into one. There is the general job– preparing food for animals here at the Turtle Centre specifically the fish in the lagoon and the predator reef and the turtles and the sharks. Outside of that we examine our fish every day and our crocodile to make sure they are in good health. Which brings me to the other aspect which is the more educational and scientific aspect. We like to educate people about the fish and about the turtles about any actions that they do that may not be best for the animals’ wellbeing: for example you are not supposed to touch the fish because they have a layer of mucus on them outside their skin and it can be damaged. Preventing our fish from getting diseases and treating them is the other aspect of my job. I like the job because there is a lot to learn and a lot to do – it requires a very broad knowledge base.