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Blue Hole

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Blue Hole
12Jun 2017

David Bass professor of biology and curator of invertebrates at the University of Central Oklahoma and Kensy Tedford, a graduate assistant, have come all the way to the Blue Hole Cave in CTC’s Blue Hole Nature Trail for a very special reason – it might be the only place on the face of the whole earth where a species of Amphipod lives. “It was recorded a number of years ago that there were some tiny crustaceans called Isopods that were found here. When I first started coming to this cave years ago - we were looking to see if those isopods were still present . Geddes (Hislop Curator – Terrestrial Exhibits and Education Programmes, Mr. Geddes Hislop,was nice enough to take me down here and give me access to it, “Professor Bass said. “ We found isopods, and we found a close relative to the isopods called amphipods or ‘side swimmers’ and they were a bit of a surprise. I told Geddes about it and told the Department of Environment about it and everybody was surprised because it was something new. The Isopods that we already knew about –they are found nowhere but in Grand Cayman. Then there are the Amphipods and so far, I have only found them in this particular cave here.”