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Carlene's wonderful original new-and old craft work

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Carlene's wonderful original new-and old craft work
04Apr 2017

Ms. Carlene’s new work is both beautiful and imaginative. Along with other craftspeople who sell their unique and wonderful Cayman-made work under Cayman Turtle Centre’s thatch cabana, Ms. Carlene loves to weave dried strips of Silver Thatch palm leaf into exquisite items – hats, bags, and baskets. But now she has been adding other things – recycling ordinary household objects to make them beautiful, by incorporating them into her designs. “I am selling things that are made from silver thatch palm – I sell baskets, wallets and a rocking chair made from clothes pegs,” she said. I have a wallet made from that which is recycled. Yes everything is made from the Silver Thatch and I also have little cups and saucers and this swan,” she said, pointing to a lovely swan ornament with a remarkably imaginative clothes-peg head and beak. The Silver Thatch Palm is our National tree, it only grows in the Cayman Islands and I have incorporated recycled items too. I have a sail boat made from the Silver Thatch – it’s an ornament. I put a lot of time into this work and I love it very much. I love it so much because my mother taught me all about it – her and she will soon be 89 years old,” she said.