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Cayman Turtle Centre’s Flag Day

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Cayman Turtle Centre’s Flag Day
26Feb 2018

Cayman Turtle Centre Cayman Turtle Centre’s Flag Day is when the Centre’s crew members step out onto the streets to raise funds for good causes. This year the good cause was Cayman HospiceCare and Felicia McLean, Director of Operations and Nursing explained why volunteers were always needed: “We can’t do it without the community’s support. We are non-profit organization and we bring this (service) free-of-charge to the people in the community. We only get a small grant from the Government and so we have to raise the rest of the funds to be able to provide the care. So that when organizations such as the Turtle Centre volunteer to hold a tin outside a store then those funds go directly into patient care and allows us to continue to offer the services free of charge so that people don’t have to go through chronic and terminal illnesses alone - they can be supported by our staff.” The staff’s salaries are paid by funds which are donated. “They go to work operations to allow the nurses and the caregivers and the administration to continue to make the services happen,” Mrs McLean continued, “So sometimes the nurse’s visit in the day or in the night or caregivers’ provide support or equipment and we provide all of our funds to allow those things to keep happening.”

Cayman Turtle Centre crew members took it in turns to hold the tin for a good cause, and Managing Director Tim Adam was the one standing outside Centennial Towers in West Bay. “Hospice Care is an amazing institution taking care of people approaching their end-of-life-phase without any charge to their clients. I have seen how they lovingly cared for my own parents in their final days and so I am honoured to be able to do my little part to help raise funds to support such a worthy cause.”

Milton Johnson, manager of Schooners Bar & Grill was also pleased to spend his time for a worthy cause:  “It’s always important to donate – whether its time, effort or money because you never know when your day is going to come – whether you are going to need HospiceCare or any other charitable organization.” Joining Mr. Johnson, Carlington Grant, Cayman Turtle Centre’s bartender and mixologist, said: “Cayman Hospice Care is important to me because I happen to have a family member who was a victim of cancer so I know what it is like to be in that situation and I always try to give back to the community as much as I can.”