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Cayman Turtle Centre Facebook Contest to Name Parrot Chick “Twins”

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Cayman Turtle Centre Facebook Contest to Name Parrot Chick “Twins”
12Jan 2015

When visiting the Cayman Turtle Centre’s Caribbean Free-Flight Aviary, guests have been fascinated by the Cayman Parrot “twins” hatched in May 2014.

These chicks are currently being groomed for release into the wild and are part of the Cayman Turtle Centre’s Captive Breeding & Release Programme. However, before they are released – the twins need new names. To find the perfect monikers for these young parrots, the Cayman Turtle Centre is conducting a Facebook contest.

To enter, please visit the Cayman Turtle Centre Facebook page and look for the “Name the Parrot Twins” contest posts. The participant who suggests the winning names (we need TWO!) will win two free full-park admission passes to Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter.

This contest will continue through February 28, 2015. So there is still time to get your entries in.

The “twins” have been confirmed by our park veterinarian to be two females. Ideally the birds will be scheduled be released into the wild in Summer 2015 to join the wild Cayman Parrot population as potential breeders, as well as to make room for the next Aviary parrot hatching that should happen around May 2015.

For more information and admission rates, call the Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter on 949-3894, email or visit