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Cayman Turtle Centre prepares for Tropical Storm Grace

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Cayman Turtle Centre prepares for Tropical Storm Grace
17Aug 2021

In view of the Tropical Storm Warning issued for the Cayman Islands, preparations are underway at Cayman Turtle Centre to ensure that all visitors, staff and animals remain safe. The Centre will be closed to the public from 1pm on Tuesday 17th August and will remain closed on Wednesday 18th August or until the all-clear is given by the Cayman Islands Government.

In preparation for the forecast weather conditions due to Tropical Storm Grace, necessary precautions are being put in place at the Centre.

“Following yesterday’s announcement of a Tropical Storm Warning for the Cayman Islands, our dedicated crew members have been busy putting our disaster preparedness plan into action and ensuring our animals will be safe while the Centre is closed to the public.” Mr. Christopher Jackson, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Cayman Turtle Conservation and Education Centre, said.

“We are hoping that the storm will pass by the Cayman Islands with minimal impact, but in light of the severe weather warnings, we will be prepared.”

All necessary precautions, including ensuring sufficient stocks of food for all animals, have been put in place at the Centre, and the most vulnerable animals, such as the Cayman Parrots and several other species of birds in the Caribbean Free Flight Aviary, as well as the Peafowl of Peacock Island, will all be temporarily rehoused in safe and secure enclosures until the danger has passed. 

As soon as the storm passes and the all-clear is given, work will begin to prepare the Centre for re-opening to the public.