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CTC crew member shooting competition success!

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CTC crew member shooting competition success!
13Dec 2017

Cayman Turtle Centre was proud to sponsor Operations Manager Christopher Jackson in a recent shooting competition in the UK. Mr. Jackson scored well in the tournament, the South East Inter-Counties Olympic Trap. Mr. Jackson has competed in similar international shooting events before, and consistently attained a high score. The trip lasted several days, and consisted of training sessions as well as the competition.

Mr. Jackson arrived in England on 6 October, and was able to complete three rounds despite the fact that the range closed early that day. “Training commenced on Saturday, and I completed eight rounds before the day ended, and now felt prepared for Sunday’s ABT (Automatic Ball Trap) competition,” he said.  “On Sunday, being number one shooter and first squad we commenced the competition.  It was steadily paced, light was quite low due to overcast skies. It was also quite chilly with some breeze but I held my own scoring:  24, 24, 24, 22 for a total score of 94 targets hit out of 100, this placed me tying in 4th position with 8 other competitors,” he said.  

“Luckily I had the opportunity to train with several great shooters who encouraged me to maintain focus and determination. “Training continued leading up to the final competition on Sunday 15th October, competing in the South East Inter Counties Olympic Trap.  The day started out overcast, temperature was comfortable, with some breeze but the afternoon the weather improved and we finished up with 21, 24, 23 and 25 scoring 93 out of 100, placing me in 3rd spot with one other competitor with a total of 83 persons competing,” he said