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CTC joins in Earth Day Volunteer Army

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CTC joins in Earth Day Volunteer Army
28Apr 2018

Armed with gloves, a big trash bag, and of course with special Earth Day T-shirts (this year featuring designs by Cayman-based artist Guy Harvey), a small army of around 2000 Earth Day volunteers could be seen in ones, twos and threes just about every part of Cayman’s beaches and adjoining road on Saturday 21 April. They were up at the crack of dawn, picking up bottles, cans, old pieces of cardboard – just about every kind of trash you can think of. The event is organized every year by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, along with the Department of Environmental Health.

CTC was supporting the event too, and CTC crew members were joining in, and some of them had invited their friends to come and join in the clean-up fun,  because the Turtle Centre is about taking care of the earth – something that it has been doing for nearly half a century.

 “It’s great to see so many businesses within the community committing themselves to protecting our environment and keeping our beaches, roads and parks clean and safe for everyone,” Chamber CEO Wil Pineau said. The annual clean-up raises awareness of the ‘conservation 3 Rs’ – ‘Recycling’, ‘Reducing,’ and ‘Reusing’.

The DEH collected up the bags of trash left by the volunteers, and there was a lovely complimentary breakfast for all the volunteers at the George Town Yacht Club.

Bendel “Benny” Ebanks, one of the Centre’s longest-serving employees and Head Tour Guide, said: “I love helping to keep the Cayman Islands tidy. It is my heritage.”