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CTC Lifeguards undertake extensive First-Aid training course

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CTC Lifeguards undertake extensive First-Aid training course
20Apr 2017

Recently, CTC’S lifeguards underwent a rigorous and comprehensive 32-hour training programme, so that they will be in a good position to help out anybody who gets into difficulties in the park. The course was facilitated in the park grounds by Peter Hughes, First Aid Programme Manager at Cayman’s Red Cross. “My primary responsibility is to deliver first aid and CPR training. I am also an aquatics instructor/trainer so I can teach lifeguarding,” he said. “The Turtle Centre is a unique facility in that it is the only water park that provides professional lifeguards. We have been recertifying the lifeguards here for the last four years. So these guys are professional lifeguards, and if we ever go to starting a lifeguard cadre for the beaches, these guys will be the first of many lifeguards in the Cayman Islands “We have an awful lot of material to cover – it’s a 32 hour training and all these guys have to be super-fit in the water so we do some swimming training and rescue skills throughout the week. We are ending the week up with Spinal Board Work which is about getting a person out of the water that you believe has had a spinal injury and then we are going to final exams which are written and practical exams in the pool. Craig Tennyson, one of the senior lifeguards: “I have been through the course before and this course teaches us to be one of the first responders of the park. We are also trained out to look out for people with heat exhaustion – we don’t get much of the cold-related illness here but the course teaches a lot and being able to treat people daily for small injuries and water safety – this course covers all of that.”