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CTC says goodbye to Spanish veterinarian

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CTC says goodbye to Spanish veterinarian
25Sep 2017

Dr. Mirella Mainez came to the Turtle Centre all the way from her veterinarian clinic in Alicante, Spain, and for the last two months to help CTC’s very own vet, Dr. Anna Malabia, make sure all the Park’s animals are fit and healthy. It’s a particularly busy time of year, especially with all the baby turtles hatching out in the hatchery, but now Dr. Mainez is due to return to her clinic. “I have enjoyed working here a lot,” she said. Dr. Mainez has been involved with many different aspects of the work here. In July she helped the staff of the Caribbean Aviary take DNA samples from White Crown Pigeons, by taking and analysing their feathers. But her most memorable time was working on one of the Centre’s new Turtle Egg Translocation projects, where eggs from the Centre are placed in an artificial nest, on one of the beaches. “My favourite time here was the night waiting for the turtle eggs to hatch,” she said.