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CTC team collect donations for CAyman Meals on Wheels

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CTC team collect donations for CAyman Meals on Wheels
11Apr 2018

Giving back to the community which has supported CTC for nearly fifty years is one of the things all the crew at the Centre like to do most. And what better way to give back than to spend time collecting for Cayman’s valuable Meals on Wheels service? The service depends on a small army of volunteers, every day they collect hot, nutritious meals and deliver those meals to the homes of so many of Cayman’s seniors, as well as the infirm and house bound adults throughout the Cayman Islands.

Meals on Wheels also depend on donations from local businesses and the public, so on Friday 23 a dozen CTC staff joined forces with the other Meals on Wheels volunteers throughout the island – to give up their time for a truly worthy cause.

CTC’s Tour Guide Supervisor, Bendel Ebanks was glad to explain why he wanted to give up an hour for a good cause: “It helps the older people who helped build this island, and it’s good to give back to those people that have really helped us. I do not mind doing it a bit – I’ll do it the whole day if I have to.

Tour Guide Kevin Martinez said: “Meals on wheels is important to help people, and I love to give back to my community especially to help the older ones who can’t move around on a daily basis. So the Meals on Wheels foundation helps take care of the elderly, and that is important, because they were the foundation that helped Cayman to be where it’s at today. It was a pleasure to do this for the second year, and I hope to continue to do it every year.”