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CTC welcomes New Chief Operations Officer

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CTC welcomes New Chief Operations Officer
28Feb 2018

CTC is pleased to welcome Peggy Hamilton who is the new Chief Operations Officer. Ms Hamilton has been with the Centre since January.  “I am enjoying it, and learning a lot. It is a very busy place,” she said

Ms Hamilton’s duties and responsibilities include being in charge of accounting, human Resources, IT, and administration. She finds her new job in the Turtle Centre fascinating: “I like the diversity of what we do,” she said, “the fact that the Cayman Turtle Centre is not only a tourist attraction but also a conservation centre - It’s unique – there is no other place like it.”

Ms Hamilton recently moved here all the way from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada’s most easterly province, with her husband and two children. So it’s quite a change of climate for her – exchanging the freezing temperatures for Caymans warm and often hot, sunny weather, but she is enjoying it very much, she says, and can see some similarities in the culture: “They are both Islands, and most of what you buy in stores such as food has to be brought in,” she says. 

Ms. Hamilton remarked on a very interesting Christmas tradition in Newfoundland, called “Mummering.” It where people dress up in disguise – and then go around from house to house in their neighbourhood: “The idea is that nobody is meant to be able to guess who you are,” she remarked.