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CTC welcomes new crew- member Sherika Maxwell

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CTC welcomes new crew- member Sherika Maxwell
18Apr 2017

New Sales representative at CTC’s Splash gift shop. “’This is the first time I am actually doing retail work, and so far I actually really like it,” she said. She said that she loved to help people make their minds up, when they were reaching a decision about what kind of gift to buy. There are so many beautiful things in the shop. “I enjoy helping people in general. I’m a people person,” she said. “Right now I’m learning how to put the new products out, where to leave them, because we put them in specific places,” she added. When asked which products she was particularly in charge of, she replied, “We put them all out together, we are not really in charge of any specific products. We kind of work as at team. The marble turtles are always a favourite with customers, and sell very well, and then in the kids’ area the stuffed turtles and stingrays and other animals – people love to buy those too. Other things that sell quickly are our hot pepper sauce, and our T-shirts,” she said.