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CTC welcomes New Volunteer

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CTC welcomes New Volunteer
29Nov 2017

CTC is pleased a new volunteer, seventeen year old Josie Bush who is gaining experience working with different kinds of animal. Ms. Bush attends Cayman Islands Further Education Centre in George Town, and comes to CTC two days each week as part of their work experience placement program.

“Ever since I was small I wanted to become a vet. Working with animals was always a strong passion with me and I have worked with land animals already,” she said. “I used to volunteer at the Cayman Animal Hospital so I was working with cats and dogs as well, so I wanted to work a bit with marine animals and birds of the Caribbean Free Flight Aviary, so it’s better for me.”

She really enjoys working with the animals. “I’ve been cleaning up cages, feeding the animals like the iguana and the agouti and helping out in the marine section. So far I’ve been feeding the turtles, I’ve always checked the nature trail too, and checked the crocodile as well. I always try to help people out too.  Hosing down the crocodile has been my favourite thing to do so far because I’m close to an animal that I don’t see every day. She loves getting hosed down, and she opens her mouth really wide. That’s a chance for her to drink some fresh water as well and she just stays there relaxed with her mouth open - she just stays still and enjoys it.  

Curator of Terrestrial Exhibits, Geddes Hislop is pleased with Ms. Bush’s eagerness and willingness to turn her had to anything she’s asked to do. “She’s benefitting from work experience and she learns how to follow tasks through to completion –to follow instructions and work on her own initiative. Right now I am training her on enrichment (that means) things for the animals to engage themselves in and play with and keep from being bored,” he added.