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Decorations mark Royal Wedding

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Decorations mark Royal Wedding
19May 2018

It was a proud moment as a small team of CTC volunteers got together to make the Centre’s lobby beautiful to mark the Royal Wedding of HRH, Prince Henry (Harry) of Wales and American actress, Meghan Markle which took place on Saturday 19 May.  CTC’s Office Manager, Katherine Jackson took a lead role in organizing the activities, which included placing red, white and blue (colours of the British Union Jack Flag) bows and balloons, together with a large photo of the royal couple, in the lobby, to greet visitors as they entered.

 “Those responsible for initiating this at CTC thought this to be a splendid gesture to mark the grand occasion on Saturday as, after all, our ‘Royal Son’ is getting married,” Ms Jackson said.  “Most Caymanians would have watched the Prince grow up, amidst challenging situations, to become a fine young man. We wish for them every blessing

 “It is also important for us to remind our people and those who visit our shores that we are still a British Overseas Territory, and that Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is our Sovereign Lady. National Pride here in the Cayman Islands is fast fading away, and our people, especially our youngsters almost have no idea who they really are.  We must work to change this mindset so as to not become an embarrassment to ourselves,” Ms Jackson said.