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Earth Day Cleanup

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Earth Day Cleanup
30May 2017

Armed with trash bags and gloves, and wearing their special Earth Day T-shirts, Cayman Turtle Centre’s crew joined the small army – estimated at around 2000- of volunteers to make Earth Day on 22 April such a huge success. Each year, the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce makes sure that everyone is organized and that everything on Earth Day goes like clockwork, and this year was no exception. Making their way all along North West Point Road, the volunteers made sure they bagged all the recycle-able aluminium cans, bottles and plastic, keeping them separate for easy sorting later. The Turtle Centre’s crew enjoyed picking up all the litter from the roadside as well as the other areas of bush on both sides of the road. The road looked so neat and smart when they were finished. One passer-by commented: “What a difference!” Afterwards, pickup trucks made their way along the road to pick up the trash bags that had been left there by the volunteers, and everyone made their way down to the George Town Yacht Club, where a lovely breakfast was waiting for the volunteers. CEO of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, which organizes the event, said he was encouraged that so many people had shown up, and that so many people care about the environment. “They understand how fragile our ecosystem is, and that some of the trash we see is not just unsightly, it is also dangerous,” he said. Tim Adam, CTC’s Managing Director, commented: “Conservation is at the heart of what we do at Cayman Turtle Centre, so naturally our team is keen to participate in events such as the Earth Day clean-up to highlight the importance of each of us doing our part to help conserve our environment and the creatures that share our planet with us. Our colleagues who participated in this team effort visibly demonstrated how committed we are to these efforts, while building camaraderie during the roadside clean-up work we did together on Saturday morning.”