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Employees of the month honored

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Employees of the month honored
15Dec 2017

Cayman Turtle Centre was proud to recognize eight different Employees of the Month recently. All eight are recommended by their department managers for a positive contribution which goes above and beyond their normal duties. Criteria include a demonstration of the ability to provide leadership to others, continuously learning, and approaching work with creativity, and client recognition of a job-well-done. Each of the eight Employees of the Month was given a framed photograph, which will be displayed in CTC’s Reception area. The photographs were presented to crew members during a special staff social event at Schooners Restaurant by CTC’s Managing Director, Tim Adam.

Employee of the Month for November 2017 was Erin Miller, Head Lifeguard. “Erin has CTC at heart and with discussions over the past year Erin has greatly improved as a Leader / Manager with the operations of his department, overseeing approx. 19 crew members.  Erin does has a lot to ensure the quality of service this department is expected to reflect to ALL of CTC’s guests and fellow crew members,” Mr. Adam said.

Glen Dixon was Employee of the Month for April: “He enjoys his work and views his job as a way to promote CTC as well as the Island thus producing some tasty and colourful dishes,” Mr. Adam said

Joseph Bailey was Employee of the Month for July. “Joseph Baily rejoined the company on April 15 2015 in the position of Inventory Control Clerk and has consistently demonstrated his experience and professional approach in his role by providing leadership, and training to his colleagues while also developing and implementing standards and procedures for the department to ensure alignment with best practices,” Mr Adam said.

Employee of the Month for May, Kevin Martinez,  distinguished himself by becoming the first Tour Guide to complete the Aquila International Certification course, being offered by the cruise industry. Employee of the Month for June was Malachi Anglin: “Mr. Mac as we all know him, knows what he has to do and gets on with it. He also has great customer service, is very pleasant to work with.

October’s Employee of the Month for October was Shuttle Bus Drive and Sales Coordinator Damian Eldemire, for September was Rohann Tibbetts: “Rohann has been a great addition to both Marketing and the Tours team, he truly asserted himself into the role and made it his own, while applying himself in assisting other departments where needed. He has been a true team player,” Mr Adam said.  

Jerris Miller was Employee of the Month for August: “Jerris Miller faces problems in ways that lift the CTC higher.  Instead of listing reasons why proposed change can’t work, he harvests the enthusiasm of others the find solutions that get the job done” Mr Adam said.