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Fish, Fish, and More Fish...

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Fish, Fish, and More Fish...
29Jun 2018

After just over one month in a quarantine, a number of new fish are being introduced into both the Predator Reef Exhibit, as well as to the Saltwater Lagoon. CTC’s, Lead Aquarist, Adam Jackson alongside his colleague Aquarist, Shona McGill were busy carefully transporting the fish, as they all received the clean ‘bill of health,’ and approval to be introduced to their new homes. There are around 24 fish species currently in our Saltwater Lagoon, where visitors love to snorkel alongside the turtles, which for many is the experience of a lifetime. After they have been in the lagoon for a while the fish become very friendly, looking like bright, gleaming jewels of blue and orange and yellow.  “The new fish in the saltwater lagoon include Squirrel Fish, Blue Striped Grunt, French Grunt, and White Grunt, and the new fish in the Predator Reef include Snapper, Gray Snapper, Squirrel Fish and Black Durgon,” Mr Jackson explained.

The fish were all caught just over a month ago, near to the Cayman Islands, and have since been undergoing a thorough quarantine procedure, by isolating them in CTC’s quarantine areas, and giving them special medication to make sure any parasites are killed. Outlining the purpose for quarantine, Ms McGill said: “Quarantine means 40 days, and it is a time when we make sure all animals are healthy and not going to spread any diseases. We use medicated water treatments and oral treatments that are reviewed and approved by our in house Vet Team, as their oversight is necessary during the entire quarantine process.”