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Giant Iguana sculptures

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Giant Iguana sculptures
19Dec 2017

“Wow, that’s so cool” said some of the visitors after seeing CTC sculptor and crew member’s latest creation: two giant-sized iguanas, one blue and one green. The new sculptures are truly spectacular –each about the size of a medium-sized dinosaur! They are a fitting addition to the CTC park, because visitors always love to see the many green iguanas in the park – even though local people often feel they are a pest because they love to eat flowers and fruit blossoms. And, of course, Blue iguanas are unique to the Cayman Islands.

Talking about his inspiration for his new works, Mr. Betty said: “The blue one I did first – called Kinky Blue Kinky after an iguana I got to know at the Queen Elizabeth Botanic Park. Kinky was so cool he would allow me to give him a flower and he would allow me to let my guests touch him when I used to run a tour business. When I got the commission to make two iguanas I came up with a new technique which would make the iguanas more lifelike.

“The other one is called ‘Godzilla Green.”   I realized I could be more detailed with my iguana. It is much lighter in terms of weight but the detail is so realistic – so lifelike, so that people could enjoy it. My next step is I am working on a lion fish which is going to be next to the nurse shark,” Mr. Betty said.