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Grace Christian Academy see their winning mural

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Grace Christian Academy see their winning mural
18May 2017

A group of Grade 7, 8, and 9 students from Grace Christian Academy came to see their winning mural, which has been proudly displayed in the Hatchery and Education Centre. The mural was the subject of a school painting and design competition, earlier in the year. Every year, local schools are invited to produce a mural for the hatchery so that visitors will have something nice to see when they visit the hatchery during the times when there are not yet any eggs there. After having their photos taken with the mural, the students enjoyed seeing the turtles in the park and holding them and learning more about their life-cycle, and Cayman Turtle Centre’s conservation mission. Art Teacher at Grace Christian Academy, Kara Julian said: “They’re here today to see their mural up on display this is the first time they have had to see it after it has left the studio at the school, and while they are here they are getting to appreciate the objective of the turtle centre so they have a better appreciation for why they did the mural. We did some research when we did the mural – understanding hatchlings and what time of day or night they come of the eggs and when they are make their way to the ocean after they have hatched on the beach in their natural environment. Here at the turtle centre they are getting to appreciate all aspects of the turtle from the hatchlings to the young turtles to adults and to understanding the objective of the turtle centre. Jacob , 14, said “I’ve been learning about all these turtles here – how they grow in stages from the small ones that you can pick up to the larger ones that you are not able to pick up because they are too heavy!” Alex, 15, said: “It was really cool to do the mural and see all of our work up there too. I helped with the painting so it was kind of cool. I liked seeing the sharks best.”