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Group from Cornerstone school visits CTC

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Group from Cornerstone school visits CTC
10Dec 2017


It was a special day out for a group of young people from Cayman’s Cornerstone School – who were learning about customer service. One of their teachers, Marie Pride, said:  “The students here are doing a BTEC work skills course and one of the units of that course is Customer Service Principles, so we are here to today looking at the experiences that customers have when they come to the Turtle Centre “We are focusing on the service and products, the different types of customers, and the customers’ experience,” Ms Pride continued, “the students are also doing a bit of ‘mystery shopping,’ so they are going to go through the gift shop and see if they get greeted and that kind of thing,”

All the students were having a good time, seeing exactly what was at CTC – and enjoying the Blue Hole Nature Trail along with its many other attractions. One of the students, Jeremy remarked:  “I like the fish, turtles and all kinds of animals here.”