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Jerry is finally making his way out to sea!

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Jerry is finally making his way out to sea!
12Apr 2012

Jerry, our first ever satellite tracked green sea turtle, has spent nearly two weeks in a canal near Rum Point which was a good choice as there was various types of flora and fauna in that area that would keep Jerry well fed.


After staying in that same small area from about March 21 to April 1, Jerry headed out of the North Sound, around to East End, then out to sea, first a bit to the east, then quite a ways southeast, then west.  The positions on show where Jerry has been during his journey.   As of April 6th, Jerry was heading west-southwest, and was about 35 miles southwest of Grand Cayman.  As of April 11th, Jerry has now travelled 479 km and is now northwest of Cayman.


From April 1 to April 6 2012 Jerry swam over 110 miles, averaging more than 20 miles a day.  Not surprisingly, during this "migration" swim Jerry is spending quite a bit more time at the surface than when taking it easy close to shore.  4-hour sampling periods done during April 5 showed as much as 33% of the time at the surface, compared to typically less than 4% of the time at the surface when Jerry was near the island.  The longer surface time makes it possible to get more of the higher-quality data.


Keep following Jerry online to see where he will be next!