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Joseph Betty- CTC'S In-House artist

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Joseph Betty- CTC'S In-House artist
06Apr 2017

Cayman Turtle Centre is honoured to have a very special and very talented tour guide working for them. Joseph Betty is a well-established artist and sculptor in the Cayman Islands, and last year he unveiled his magnificent sculpture of a turtle family, which proudly stands outside the Centre’s entrance, and has proved to be a very popular “photo op” site for tourists ever since. Mr. Betty has gone from strength to strength, and this year he has revealed two more sculptures, Hatchling One and Two, which are true-to-life, but giant-sized representations of turtles hatching out of their eggs, and which stand like Sentinels either side of the Hatchery and Education Centre entrance. “The concept of Hatchling One and Two is to give the guests a very realistic concept of what it is like for turtle hatchlings,” he explained. “What I did was come up with this concept of hatchlings and try to do a cluster of eggs together and to make them as realistic as possible. Obviously it enhances the education Centre and the Hatchery – it was inspired by the hatchlings that hatch out between May and October every year which is a vital and very important part of our Centre,” Mr. Betty explained. Recently, Mr. Betty was also presented with an award from Cayman’s prestigious Poinciana Arts Festival, for Best Mixed Media Sculpture. His winning sculpture, entitled Run Happy Run consists of a huge, disembodies black head and hands which appear to be coming out of a blank, white wall. “It’s about human beings and the way we lead our life. Explaining what it means, Mr. Betty said: “People are always looking for happiness outside themselves rather than looking for happiness within – so they are running after a world – places, people, things; thinking they are going to find happiness through these things. Whereas, really and truly, happiness is a very simple thing, it’s from within. The head is from my original style of ceramic work, I do a lot of ceramic heads and the rest of the sculpture is made of concrete, a little bit of rebar, and other bits and pieces,” he said.