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More than just Turtles

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More than just Turtles
29Nov 2017

For many people visiting the Turtle Centre,snorkelling alongside the turtles in the huge Turtle Lagoon is surely one of the highlights. But there are many beautiful fish in the lagoon too, which make the experience even more enjoyable. Recently, Lead Aquarist, Adam Jackson went fishing. The fish which have been caught have to spend a month in a special quarantine tank where they are observed and treated for common fish diseases and parasites, before being transferred to the Saltwater Lagoon, so that they are not a danger to the fish already in there.

“The period is from April – September 2017 where we released just about 400 new fish, 12 of the most common reef fish found around the Cayman Islands.  This averaged out to approximately 66 fish per month. The new specimens are brought in and are put in to Quarantine where they are acclimatized and subjected to standard quarantine procedures. This period is a minimum of 30 days.  After, they are thoroughly checked using various methods by our Vet, Dr. Ana Malabia, and if given a clean bill of health, released to the Turtle Lagoon,” Mr. Jackson said. Fish species include Blue Striped Grunts, French Grunts, White Grunts, Black Durgeons and Sergeant Majors. Many of the fish contribute to the closed ecosystem, for instance, by eating algae which can make the water look murky, so that many of the fish are useful.