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New Attraction at Cayman Turtle Centre - Video

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New Attraction at Cayman Turtle Centre - Video
04Jan 2012

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The Cayman Turtle Centre is hoping to get a major boost from its latest attraction called the Turtle Twister Waterslide.


With cruise ship numbers down last year, Cayman Turtle Centre officials are hoping that both visitors and residents will flock to the new slide that features two sweeping loops and 600 gallons of water per minute pushed down the tube that ends with the riders splashing into the breakers lagoon.


Tim Adam the CEO of Cayman Turtle Centre tells Cayman 27 “We’ve done some research and looked at what should be the next move to enhance the park and the visitors experiences and the waterslide was one thing that kept coming up as a top desire.  This is something I wanted to have done to fulfill their wishes.”


Cayman Turtle Centre officials say the goal is to ensure that the park will be recognized as one of the best attractions in the Caribbean and they are confident the Turtle Twister will help move them in that direction.