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New Craft Items

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New Craft Items
29Nov 2017

All three ladies who regularly exhibit traditional Silver Thatch goods at the Artisans Cabana have come up with some new items. Rose May Ebanks has been making some special new things to support the Lions’ Club’s drive to raise funds for Breast Cancer. They are marked with special pink strands of Silver Thatch – the leaves of Cayman’s National Tree. “I want to make the people see that I appreciate what they’re doing for breast cancer– there are different types of cancer. Money from a selection of my things is going to breast cancer,” she said. The new items include a little bowl made by Rose May’s mother, who taught her thatch weaving many years ago, and special silver thatch key rings.

Marcie Hydes has lovely little box, made from a recycled jewellery box. “There’s ‘Cayman’ written on it – woven letters in strands of silver thatch and a cloth butterfly on the top,” she said.  Marcie also has a lovely hat, which is woven in the traditional style but with the inclusion of strands of red dyed thatch in the weave, making a pattern.

Carlene Carter is always thinking up interesting new items to make.  “I have necklaces made from ‘Horse Eye’ seeds which wash up on the beach,” she said. The seeds look a bit like tiny hamburgers, hence their other local name, ‘hamburger seeds.’ “I also have earrings made from grey cockspur seeds, and chains made of sea glass,” she said. “I have these lovely stingray charms, which are pink and made from the inside of conch shells. I have a tiny chair – all made from clothes pins you would put on a washing line and a cup and Cup saucer – made of silver thatch” she said.