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New Governor visits CTC

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New Governor visits CTC
25Apr 2018

His Excellency the Governor of the Cayman Islands, Mr. Anwar Choudhury came to visit Cayman Turtle Centre recently, as part of a tour of West Bay. He was accompanied by Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, and Speaker of the House, Hon. McKeeva Bush, as well as Hon Tara Rivers, Minister for Education, Employment and Gender Affairs.   

At the Centre the Governor and his wife, Momina, met with Managing Director Tim Adam, and Chief of Sales Raymond Hydes, briefly, before mingling with all the people from West Bay and the rest of the Cayman Islands who had come to meet him. It was a wonderful time, and Miss Cayman Islands, Anika Connolly was there too, to present the Governor’s wife with a huge bouquet of flowers. He was also treated to a display of traditional Cayman crafts, by Wray Banker and presented with a lovely example of traditional thatch work, by Ms Marlena Anglin, and wooden spinning tops all carved by hand by Mr. Deal Ebanks.

There was a sense of celebration in the air, as Mr. Bush spoke about how proud he was to be a West Bayer, and joked about the district’s popular title, “The Republic” which is a name which has come to signify the West Bay’s fierce sense of its own identity: “We know the value of each other,” Mr Bush said, “We have been born with this ‘Cayman Kind,’ which means ‘caring, friendly and welcoming.’ That is why here you find so many cultures living together in peace and tolerance with one another. Turning to the Governor he said:   “You are a West Bayer, sir.”

Ms Rivers added to the theme of Cayman Kind: “Traditional as well as newer, we are all Caymanians,” she said.  His Excellency the Governor said: “I am glad to join you here in “the Republic’ and have felt the luckiest diplomat in my service, and I feel that sentiment even stronger now.”