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New works of art on sale at craft stall

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New works of art on sale at craft stall
15Mar 2018

Carline Carter is always busy thinking of new kinds of arts and crafts to put on display at Cayman Turtle Centre’s Artisans spot, where all kinds of wonderful items are on display for visitors to see and perhaps buy. But it seems as if creativity runs in the family, because her daughter, Sheera McCoy, who is 29, has recently got busy painting lovely little pictures of the Cayman Islands for Ms Carter to sell.

Sheera has always been good at drawing and painting, Ms Carter said, but recently she began to pick up the paintbrush again. Her work is careful, and very detailed – there is a painting showing some palm trees and every single blade of every single frond is carefully painted. Sheera uses acrylic paints which she applies in thin, translucent layers so that the paintings are bright, and full of life.

“She started when she was in High School,” Ms Carter explained, “she used to come home and show me the pictures she had painted.” “She never did too much after school but she has just started again. But she is busy, because she is working too and has two children, but she will be doing some more in the future.”