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Orchids on the Nature Trail

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Orchids on the Nature Trail
04Jun 2018

The rare Cayman Ghost Orchid normally flowers during the month of April while the National Flower, the Wild Banana Orchid, normally flowers in late May/ early June.  Today however, these two endemic Cayman orchids are in bloom together for the first time at the CTC’s Nature Trail.

With the unusual timing in the change of the seasons (Dry to Wet) this year, many of our native plants and animals, including our sea turtles, have responded to the environmental cues by reproducing outside of their normal monthly ranges.

Cayman Turtle Centre’s Nature trail and the QE II Botanic Park are the only two locations where flowering Ghost Orchids are readily accessible for public viewing. This rare and unusual occurrence will allow visitors to CTC to view, photograph and compare both of Cayman’s iconic orchids in flower together.