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Passport2Success Students Visit CTC

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Passport2Success Students Visit CTC
02Apr 2018

Passport2Success is a great program design to help young people get the skills they need to succeed in the workplace, and get ahead in the jobs market too. Created and run by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism the Passport2Success students are always welcome at Cayman Turtle Centre, and have become a regular sight, seeing the turtles and other animals, and learning about Cayman’s rich historical and cultural heritage. This month eleven of the students came to visit, and were shown around by CTC’s Tour Guide Supervisor, Bendel Ebanks.

Mr Hylton Grace, Programme instructor said: “Passport2Success is a job skills readiness program, specifically for young Caymanians between the ages of 17 and 23. Right now we are doing a tour here at the Turtle Centre which is a part of the historical and cultural development aspect of the program, and the young people are being given a guided tour. For this tour in particular it’s about connecting them to their roots. Even though Passport2Success is a job skills readiness program, a part of that is about fostering personal development in their identity, so coming here today will connect them to some of their roots and the tour includes some history as well.

“It is about understanding who they are, and what things their island has been through, and to the extent that they can integrate that into their lives.” They started in February and the program is for three months – they are scheduled to graduate in May.

Jodie Ebanks “I think Passport2Success really has been beneficial because growing up in Grand Cayman some people have assumed that we’ve forgotten what we really came from and to be at the Turtle Centre and see how our island has grown, it makes us want to learn more about turtles and its nice because we remember where we actually came from.”