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Pursuit of excellence at CTC

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Pursuit of excellence at CTC
21Sep 2017

Always in pursuit of excellence, CTC has been offering its in-house tour guides and front-line staff the opportunity to reach even higher in the arena of customer service expertise by pursuing one of the internationally recognized Aquila training courses. The courses are studied online via a video link and are broken down into different modules such as “Preparation and Process” which reminds operatives of the importance of preparing for each day’s party of guests, and “Difficult Situations and Risk Management” which provides tour guides with a breakdown of how to assess, and professionally respond to, a whole range of awkward or potentially dangerous situations, thus putting the safety of the customer first.

The Aquila program is designed specifically for the Cruise Industry, and has been created as the answer to the growing need of highly trained, professional staff in the increasingly complex and sophisticated tourism industry. All CTC tour guides and shuttle drivers have taken, or are in the process of taking the course, and all of them have enjoyed taking it and are pleased with the way the course of study helps them improve their interaction with guests in subtle ways, to make the guests’ experience even more enjoyable. Recently, Tour Guide Kevin Martinez received his Aquila Certificate of Excellence from CTC’s Head of Sales Raymond Hydes, after completing the course with a particularly high mark. Mr. Martinez was one of the first CTC crew members to successfully complete the course.

“The Certificate that I got was the Tour Guide Excellence, part of the signature training program of Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence. I feel very pleased with myself to achieve another certificate in the tourism industry – from the Turtle Centre I have already got the Lifeguard Certificate, Diving Certificate and now this Tour Guide of Excellence so these three certificates the company has sponsored and I have passed them with good marks. I am pleased with what I have done because I have worked hard on it,” he said. “It helped me to be a better speaker and control the guests in a more respectable way and solve guests’ problems better,” he added.

CTC Chief of Sales Raymond Hydes who has been encouraging participation in the new programme, said: “I am proud of Kevin for this accomplishment. We continue to strive for excellence at CTC and this program will take our Tour Guides who are also tourism ambassadors to new levels of excellence. In this training Tour Guides will develop skills in delivering a great presentation, tour logistics and dealing with difficult situations something we are faced with every day in this business”.