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Renovation of Butterfly Garden and Aviary enclosure underway

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Renovation of Butterfly Garden and Aviary enclosure underway
07Dec 2017

CTC’s butterfly garden has been undergoing extensive renovation and replanting. As everyone knows, butterflies love flowers, but they also love big leaves on which they can lay their eggs, so that when the caterpillars hatch out they have plenty to eat, and plenty of shady leaf between them and sharp eyed birds looking for a quick meal. So the aim of the butterfly garden is to keep a lovely selection of plants and flowers – lovely for many different kinds of butterfly that is!


“We have 90% completed the Butterfly Garden renovation project,” said CTC’s Curator of Terrestrial Exhibits Geddes Hislop.  We worked to install the fencing and CTC crewmember William Chisholm worked with Ms. Joanne Mercille of Caribbean Blooms (native plant consultant at the QE II Botanic Park) to replant the butterfly garden with specially selected native woody shrubs which should be easier to maintain. Planting was completed this past weekend and just need to mulch the plant enclosures with gravel for the finishing touch,” he said.


The Caribbean Aviary enclosure has also been undergoing extensive renovation, ready for Cayman Parrot breeding pair, named Rosie and Ralph, in preparation of the next breeding season, beginning in April 2018. A cozy new weather shelter has been installed for the pair, and the next stage will be to refurbish and install their nest box, Mr. Geddes said.