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Samaritans Purse Visit

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Samaritans Purse Visit
23Jul 2018

It was a big team effort that bought 17-year-old Walter Samo and Brittany Mamani all the way from La Paz, Bolivia to Health City in the Cayman Islands for much-needed heart surgery, and afterwards, when they were getting better, for a wonderful day out at Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter.

They brought along their sisters, Monica Samo and Karen Mamani who were able to learn, interact, and play while having a wonderful time visiting all the different wildlife interactions around the centre.  Lots of different individuals and organizations joined together to make it possible.  Alma Connor, a member from First Baptist Church Grand Cayman was busy showing the group of teenagers around the island while reaching out to us at the Centre to see where we could assist.

 “After their surgery the group moved into the Mission House where they will stay for two weeks post-surgery before taking the long trip back home,” Ms Connor explained, “so right now we are taking them island-wide and exploring all things Cayman while they are recuperating from their surgery at Health City.

The Samaritans Purse program sponsored them to be able to have their heart surgery, and they are partnering with the Children’s Heart Project as they funded both operations.” Ms Connor added that various local churches have also stepped in to help sponsor the teens on their trip to the Cayman Islands, and many people have helped by giving up their time to volunteer as well, to help them whilst they are here.  “I am feeling better already,” Walter said through an interpreter, “What I am going to do with my life is I want to become an architect.”