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Savannah Primary School children visit CTF

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Savannah Primary School children visit CTF
02Mar 2016

Savannah Primary School children visit CTF

A group of five and six year olds from Savannah Primary School came to see some of the animals in real life which they had been looking at in books and writing about. That’s what’s so special about CTF and why Cayman’s schools love to use it as a resource that makes the natural world come alive in students’ experience. Experiencing animals up close by interacting with them is something a student never forgets, and it reinforces all the things they have already found out about in the classroom. Savannah Primary teacher Mrs Spencer explained how her class benefitted from the experience: “I think they enjoy it because we have been doing the “Circle of Life” unit at school and this field trip actually helps them to get their hands on what it is we’ve been doing. We’ve been learning about birds, mammals, and we’ve done amphibians and fish, so them coming out and actually getting to see all of those animals makes it more “real life.”

One of the students in Mrs Spencer’s class, Nahja, said: “I saw a peacock. Peacocks are pretty; I like peacocks.”

Nathaniel had also seen so many things during his visit. “I saw a bird. It was black and white. It was called a White Crown Pigeon.”

Celine, another Savannah Primary School student said: “I like to see turtles and I like to see baby ones.”