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Scarlet Ibis in the Aviary

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Scarlet Ibis in the Aviary
02Sep 2014

September 2nd, 2014… Guests at the Caribbean Free-Flight Aviary continue to be fascinated by the red-plumed Ibis, with hand-feeding these brightly plumed birds being one of the most popular photo opportunities throughout the park.


Our ibis have completed their breeding season. After being in their brightly coloured breeding plumage, as well as building and guarding a nest in the Aviary trees since last November 2013, our three male ibis (two Scarlet and one White) have given up on trying to find females in the Aviary, demolished their nest and changed their feathering back to “regular” duller-coloured plumage.


They have also changed their roosting spot from being out of sight among the branches of one of the Aviary’s biggest trees and returned to their original station on the ledges at eye level to Aviary visitors.


The ibis continue to be one of the most popular features in the Aviary for visitors to photograph and interact with. Where else in the world you can take a selfie with a Scarlet Ibis on your arm?


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