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Shark Talk is Back!

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Shark Talk is Back!
01May 2018

CTC’s Marine Department is bringing back the popular ‘Shark Talk’ series. Every day from Monday to Friday at 10.30 am the talks (between ten and fifteen minutes long, which are friendly and informal), are being held next to by the huge viewing window into the Predator Reef, so that visitors can see the Nurse Sharks which live in it.

“We aim to highlight Cayman Turtle Centre’s educational and Conservational message about sharks and the marine environment,” said CTC’s Lead Aquarist, Adam Jackson. “We do hope that these talks will encourage guests to be a part of the conservation of the marine ecosystem, while educating them on the importance of it, and adding more to experience here at the Cayman Turtle Centre.”

“We cover anatomy and physiology of the shark, and its adaptations to its marine habitat,” Mr. Jackson continued. “In essence I believe it is important to educate our guests about the importance of sharks on our reefs, how they create a balance for our reefs. They do so by ridding the reefs of all he sickly, diseased and injured fish, leaving behind a healthy and vibrant reef. There are so many other vital reasons why sharks are important to our oceans. Without the presence of sharks in our oceans, there would be no equilibrium in the marine ecosystem, thus causing the oceans to slowly die.”

The talks end with a conservation message – what people can do to save sharks, such as safer fishing practices, and something everyone who visits the beach can do – remove plastic trash which floats in the seas and which sharks can ingest.