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Smart new hut, and new snorkeling masks for Saltwater Lagoon

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Smart new hut, and new snorkeling masks for Saltwater Lagoon
25May 2017

The Saltwater Lagoon has just gained a brand new yellow hut so that all the things that visitors need can be kept safe and sound. Erin Miller, CTC’s Head Lifeguard is very pleased with the new hut: “This is much better than the last one we had because its more enclosed – we couldn’t lock the other one up so this one is more secure. In the evening everything is washed and we can keep the things in there and open it back up again in the morning,” he said. “We’ve got our new first aid kit in there – all of the band aids and sprays that are needed for our guests that may have a cut; and we’ve got a new bag in there with oxygen and an Automated External Defibrillator – we couldn’t keep that in the other one because we couldn’t lock it,” he added. That isn’t all. The Snorkelling Lagoon is going to be offering guests the latest in full-face masks, which are very much in demand because they make snorkelling simpler. “The new masks should be arriving shortly. Right now they are very popular because you can put your whole face inside it. With a regular mask you’ve just got your eyes and nose covered, but with these ones the whole face goes inside,” Mr. Miller said. CTC Managing Director Tim Adam was very pleased with the new masks, as they represent greater choice for guests: “They enable users to have what we believe is going to be a simpler experience for people who have never snorkelled before. We have acquired some of those masks, and we will be doing trials to find out how our guests respond,” he said.